Advertising Online

There are more than three billion users on the internet at any given time. Meaning three billion users who could be looking at a digital advertisement. Why not make it YOUR digital advertisement!

The average adult spends 20 hours or more on the internet; watching videos or just scrolling through their social media news feeds. With this said, marketers and advertisers expect to see digital advertising budgets increase in the next 12 months. More and more advertisers are making the switch from traditional media like magazines to display advertising. They don’t want to miss the chance of reaching billions of potential customers! Once a user sees an ad for a specific brand once, twice, or even three times they are 70% more likely to visit that website or click on the ad.

Mobile users are on their phones at least 90 minutes each day, whether they're on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter; the possibilities are endless. Meaning more platforms for companies to share their business. Create eye-catching, bright colored ads to catch the attention of those bored users and give them something interesting to take part in.

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