Art Beneath Your Feet

Americans spend over 4 hours each day looking at their phones. But they’re not just looking at their phones; they are looking at their phones while doing everything else: eating, commuting, driving, exercising, walking, you name it. Competing with a smartphone for the attention of a customer (or anyone, really) doesn’t seem quite so daunting when you keep in mind that the average person is actually quite used to multi-tasking with a phone in hand. You just can’t always expect them to look up.

Floor decals are not the newest product on the market, but they are now more relevant and useful than ever. If it strikes you as somewhat lowly to put your brand’s logo on a floor or sidewalk, it may be time to reconsider. Given the rising likelihood that a consumer’s head will be tilted downward at any given time, the ground we walk on may be just the space to get your brand in your customers’ line of vision. If your goal is to get customers to actually see your message, start brainstorming some floor sticker marketing ideas for your next print campaign. A floor advertisement is placed exactly where your customers will see it!

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