New Company Starter Pack!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

As a small company, we know how hard and intimidating it can be for new businesses to get started. But we're here to show you it doesn't have to be that difficult. As a new business you need to focus on your branding! Once you start advertising, customers will take interest in you, want to know what your company is about and this is where it all starts coming together!

Below are a few inexpensive and extremely important tips we recommend you do to advertise your business and start bringing in those awesome customers.


Small companies always need that big 'Grand Opening!' banner to grab as much attention as they can and let everyone know when they're open for business.

-Yard Signs

These small but effective signs can be placed in any location for many eyes to see. Add your logo, phone number, and a list of services so your clients know what you offer and you're good to go.


Printing your logo on t-shirts and hoodies is a great way for your employees to look and feel like a professional team. On top of that it is also free daily advertising and can spark conversations with strangers interested in what you do.

-Business Cards

When talking to anyone at events, schools, stores, etc. it is a good idea to end the conversation with leaving a business card. That way you have a potential client who always has your information at hand. Business cards are inexpensive and you can purchase in bulk allowing you to leave one wherever you go.

-Word Of Mouth

Start talking about your business to friends and family, you will be surprised how fast the news will spread to a community!

We hope these tips helped those of you starting a new business or looking to start one in the near future. Stay tuned for our next blog 'The Next Step for New Businesses'. We will be explaining some extra and more effective ways you can advertise your company after you have settled in to the new business world.

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