The Importance of A Great Wrap Design!

Vehicles are 3D billboards on wheels; seen by many many people. So it is important to have the perfect design that will catch potential customers' eyes and get all the important information out there.

Wraps are not only the most cost-effective form of advertising; but studies show that they are more effective in terms of building brand awareness compared to the traditional stationary billboards. However, not all vehicle wraps gather the same results. The effectiveness of your vehicle wrap depends largely on the actual design itself.

Below are a few tips in creating an effective wrap design.

1. The design should be consistent with other marketing materials such as banners, signs, online advertisements, etc. and should convey the same image and message, clearly and accurately.

2. Although a vehicle has a lot of space for images and text, only vital information such as the logo, tagline, website and phone number should be included. This is because the amount of time you have to present your brand to a passerby is a mere few seconds. You want to make every second count by providing the important information of what you do (logo & tagline) and where to research your brand further (website or phone number).

3. Trying to pack too much into the wrap will only make your design cluttered. It will make it harder for viewers to figure out what your brand is actually offering. Instead, stick with something clean and simple which can present your message clearly.

4. If the brand has its own color scheme, the wrap should definitely incorporate it. However, sometimes you may need to introduce additional hues to ‘fill’ the space. In this situation, use tones that complement the brand’s main color. Bold and eye catching colors are good combinations, but make sure not to overdo it.

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